St. Louis, Missouri

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     You put it all on the line every day for your community, your department, and your fellow officers. But who's sitting at the table with you when you negotaite pay and benefits? Who's got your back when it comes to your rights? Who's defending you if you go to court?

Laborers' Local 42 Law Enforcement Division was created specifically for law enforcement personnel in Missouri by people who understand your needs and concerns... cops just like you. Our advisory Board is comprised of current anf retired officers from across the state of Misouri.

We are commited to improving the lives of Law Enforcement members by fighting for :

Law Enforcement Division
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Better Wages

Better Working Conditions

Better Benefits
Union meetings are the fourth Wednesday of the Month at 6:30 p.m. at Local 42ís Union Hall
No Union meeting in November or December due to Holidays
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